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Some Benefits of Holistic Health for Women

Holistic health: the very phrase itself seems to conjure up images of nature, energy and well-being. And just saying the phrase ‘holistic health’ is like exhaling a sigh of contentment. When you say ‘holistic health’, your breathing seems to slow down and you are already beginning to feel more natural, more in tune with your life rhythms.

But what is holistic health? To begin, the concept of holistic health is one which approaches treatment of an individual as a whole, entire entity, where every system is interconnected. This means the mind and body are equally considered. The physical, spiritual, mental and emotional facets of each individual are treated. And each person has a treatment plan designed in accordance with their specific needs.

And what are some of the benefits of holistic health treatment? To begin with, a plan for the individual’s health goals can be designed to accommodate the person’s
Individual pace and time frame. For instance, if treatment is being sought in weight loss and wellness services, patients will have a plan to encompass every aspect of their lifestyle.

Another area of great popularity for holistic health treatment is breast health screening services. This area focuses on maintaining good health, but if a matter should arise, there are holistic treatments throughout the course of any medical experience.

But perhaps one of the most far-reaching areas of the concept of holistic health is women’s health care. From finding the right gynecologist to treating postpartum matters that may arise, holistic health touches every area of woman care.

Fertility is an area of huge interest to patients of holistic health professionals. The statistics show that age is a critical factor in having a child, with the ages 20-24 being the time when women, in general are most fertile. By the time they reach the age of 40 later on in life, only 40% of women, 2 in 5, will be able to have a baby if they want to.

Couples also benefit from the concepts of holistic health. Many couples seek professional help for fertility issues. In fact, 65% of women who have received medical help will end up giving birth; however, it is reported that of the women with infertility issues, only 44% seek medical treatment. And even with a normally functioning reproductive system, the chances are only 20-25% that a couple aged 29 to 33 will conceive a baby.

How many times have we heard the phrase: “It’s all in your mind.” There is certainly truth in that, and the concept of holistic health broadens the scope to include the entire person. Especially in the area of reproduction and babies, a gynecologist who embraces the whole person is truly aware of and working in the circle of life.

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