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Month: January 2016

Familiar Faces at the Family Doctor’s Office

January 31, 2016

There’s something comforting about having a family doctor, a stable figure in your life to whom you and your family can turn for all your healthcare needs. Especially if you have kids, familiar faces at the doctor’s office are a great plus. Many family practices have fun waiting rooms with games and art supplies so […]

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Beyond Fun In the Sun Why You Need To Check Your Skin

January 27, 2016

Skin cancer is once again in the spotlight following the recent death of Celine Dion’s husband, Rene Angelil, and more people are acknowledging the need to regularly check skin growths such as moles. As many as one fifth of Americans are at risk of developing skin cancer in their lifetime. In fact, more cases of […]

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Ways to find a regular doctor

January 21, 2016

The passage of the Affordable Care Act has made insurance more affordable and helped many millions more people get insurance. That has meant many more patients getting into the healthcare system, which is not necessarily up to the task. It’s estimated that the U.S. will need more than 50,000 additional primary care physicians by 2025 […]

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Why Medicare Supplemental Insurance Policies Really Do Matter

January 18, 2016

Here’s the thing: As you get older, your medical expenses naturally increase as well. This can be particularly problematic because it’s so difficult to plan for health care expenses when you aren’t even sure what you’ll be paying. Between emergency hospital visits to vaccinations, there are so many medical treatments — and even preventable treatments […]

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Understanding the Importance of Good Discharge Planning

January 17, 2016

So your loved one is finally on the mend and ready to come home from the hospital. Although many things will get back to normal, some things will have to be altered in everyone’s daily routine, especially if your loved one needs physical therapy. Good discharge planning is crucial to keeping your loved one on […]

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Four Procedures That Can Change A Child’s Life

January 15, 2016

Having a sick child is a parent’s worst nightmare; and in some ways it’s even worse when the child in question is too young to express what’s hurting them. If your child is diagnosed with a disorder of any kind, your first reaction may be to panic. But rest assured that should your child’s condition […]

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The Benefits of a Chiropractor for Back Pain

January 14, 2016

Back pain is one of the biggest reasons for missed work and school in the entire country. There are many causes for back pain; from overworking or misuse to a sports injury or an automobile accident. Many people simply have chronic back pain, with no known cause. Chiropractors are specialists of the back, and are […]

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Can Weekly Sports Massage Appointments Help Athletes Stay Healthy?

January 10, 2016

How exactly do you tell someone that you have a pain in your butt. Even a sports massage therapist who has likely heard everything might roll his or her eyes if you make an appointment for a butt cramp. But that is exactly what hurt the most after the freshman gymnast finished competing in her […]

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Most Companies Don’t Have This Essential Software System

January 8, 2016

Employee benefits are laws that have been established all throughout the United States over the course of many decades. They’re necessary to encourage worker satisfaction, long-term loyalty and ideal health throughout a full-time, and at times part-time, working period. Benefits administration software is specifically designed to better organize important worker information, financial data and corresponding […]

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Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery Helping Patients Get Back to Living Their Lives Faster

January 5, 2016

Life is meant to be lived and enjoyed, but for the 1.5 billion people across the globe that struggle with chronic pain, life can be miserable. The back, hips, and knees are some of the most common areas where suffers experience constant pain. While the exact nature of that pain varies from person to person, […]

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