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Month: May 2014

Three Tips for Making Sure Your Children Stay Safe at the Amusement Park

May 20, 2014

Every year, thousands of families visit amusement parks during the summer — 297 million people, to be exact. There’s something for everyone, whether it’s a teacup ride, a speeding roller coaster, fried dough, or those I-know-I-can-win-it-this-time games. One thing you may not be expecting your family to experience, though, is an injury. While safety is, […]

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Why you Should Electronic Cigarettes

May 15, 2014

You have tried to quit smoking for years. The best solution may not be to quit smoking altogether. In order to make the transition to electronic cigarettes, check out e cig juice reviews The electronic cigarette was invented in the 1960s, but it didn’t really take off until a decade ago. Currently, there are more […]

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