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Month: October 2017

How Participating In A Clinical Trial Can Help Save Lives In The Future

October 24, 2017

Looking at the news covering the front pages of social media can be overwhelming. Earthquakes in the East, wildfires in the West…trying to find ways to help can be difficult. Do you donate to local charities or do you spread awareness on your own social media? Are you actually making an impact and saving lives? […]

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Four Reasons your Infant Requires Routine Checkups

October 17, 2017

Regular medical care during the first few years of life is extremely important. Your physician will likely recommend infant checkups every couple of weeks for the first year. Following the first birthday, your physician will extend the checkups, but you will still have to bring them in one to two times per year. These checkups […]

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4 Things to Consider When Looking for an Urgent Care Center

October 16, 2017

As with many other institutions, urgent care clinics also have their differences. And although they may share few things such as their area of specialty and what they treat, some are just different from others. Urgent care locations are not only important in providing healthcare services to people, but also a vital in relieving pressure […]

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3 Reasons to Go See Your Primary Care Physician

October 15, 2017

Doctors are there to help you, not yell at you. Far too many Americans, for some reason, are afraid of getting the help they need to improve their lives and get back to living a healthy and happy lifestyle. If you don?t have a primary care physician, you?re not going to know how your health […]

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Urgent Care Centers Receive the Treatment You Need With Less Waiting Time and at a Lower Cost

October 4, 2017

Since urgent care centers are becoming more prevalent, it’s important to consider them as a beneficial alternative to visiting the hospital emergency room. Individuals and their families can receive expert medical care at these facilities for a fraction of the cost. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) report that 48% of the adults […]

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Care that Counts Understanding Custom Care Solutions for Seniors

October 3, 2017

“Once a man, twice a child”, is a popular phrase commonly used to describe the irony of aging, a reality that many adult children and caretakers face. Finding custom care solutions for aging parents, seniors, and elderly loved ones can seem confusing. After all, there are a number of solid senior care options available, and […]

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