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Month: December 2013

An Interview with Alison Hare of Doctors Express Urgent Care

December 26, 2013

Since its opening a year-and-a-half ago, Doctors Express Urgent Care has provided immediate medical services to patients in the Denver-Aurora Colorado area 365 days a year, and 12 hours a day. We sat down with the company’s practice manager, Alison Hare, to talk about the unexpected rewards of running a health care enterprise. Ms. Hare, […]

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How to Set Personal Fitness Goals

December 22, 2013

Are ready to implement a set of personal fitness goals? You are not alone, as only 47 percent of Americans claim they get the recommended amount of weekly exercise. And approximately 25 percent of American adults state that they are not physically active at all. An estimated 45,300,000 adults in America say they have gym […]

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Top Facts You Need to Know About the Services of Health Care Logistics Companies

December 21, 2013

One of the best aspects of the healthcare industry is the fact that it is constantly evolving. Not only are new technologies continually being developed, advanced, and perfected, but new ways of taking care of all aspects of the healthcare business are continually getting better as well. Whether you are looking into 3PL systems to […]

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Nurse practitioners in san antonio tx —- Free Video

December 19, 2013

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Managing Your Thyroid Condition

December 17, 2013

Unfortunately for ladies, the research shows that they are more prone to a history of thyroid problems than men are. Fortunately, those thyroid disorders can be managed fairly well even if they persist as lifelong health issues. You can find a thyroid doctor to help you manage your risk factors for thyroid disease, tips for […]

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Hormone treatment nj —- Free Videos

December 9, 2013

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Ionized Water is Safe for Everyone

December 6, 2013

Alkaline water, also known as ionized water, has become a popular alternative to regular tap, or bottled water. The alkaline minerals in this kind of water cause its higher pH level, which neutralizes acid in the blood than can be caused by a highly acidic diet. Fruits like cheese, fruits, and beef, as well as […]

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How Medical Companies Effectively Get Products Packaged

December 4, 2013

Medical packaging suppliers are increasingly important in this day and age. People who receive medical supplies or medical equipment want to make sure everything they receive has been securely packaged. Customers who receive a prescription or other piece of medical equipment generally want to make sure everything they get comes in sterile packaging, and medical […]

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Urgent care in phoenix —- [FREE VIDEO]

December 1, 2013

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