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How To Know You Should Choose A Maternity Center

For nearly every mother-to-be, deciding where to deliver your baby is an incredibly important consideration. While the hospital is an obvious choice for many and home births the right option for others, many women are looking for a facility that lies in between those two choices. Maternity centers offer a third setting for women who don’t want to give birth in their homes, but who would rather avoid the bustle of a hospital. If you identify with these common reasons women give birth at maternity centers, you should choose a maternity center for your own delivery.



  1. You want a home birth environment, but prefer to have medical equipment and expertise on hand: This is the main reason why women choose a maternity center. These facilities have a homey feeling that can make you feel as comfortable as if you were actually at home. Unlike your own home, they also have medical equipment and professionals who are ready to jump in at a moment’s notice if an unexpected complication arises during the delivery.
  2. You hate the sterility of hospitals: Hospitals are off-putting for many expecting mothers because of their sterility. When you’re in labor, you probably do not want to feel like you’ve been admitted into the hospital for an infection or disease. You may also be very sensitive to the chemical smells of a hospital, and any discomfort will disrupt your delivery. A maternity clinic is a warm and inviting environment with none of the discomfort of hospitals.
  3. You want to avoid labor induction and a C-section: If you’ve been surfing forums and chats on the experience of delivering a baby at a hospital, you’ve likely seen unfortunate stories of doctors influencing mothers to induce or have a C-section when it wasn’t strictly necessary. Maternity centers are more accommodating, allowing you to stick to your birth plan as long as it continues to be in the interest of your and your baby’s health.
  4. You prefer to try different labor positions: In maternity centers, you have the freedom to move around your spacious delivery room and try various positions to find what works for you. They can also easily accommodate water births and upright births for those who prefer to not deliver laying down.
  5. You want your family to be there: When you choose a maternity center, you won’t have the same visitor restrictions as at a hospital. While you will still need to tell the staff how many people you expect to visit you, there is a much greater chance of your most important family members being in the room for the birth of your baby.



With about 4 million babies born in the United States every year, there are plenty of maternity services for expectant mothers. Be sure that you make the right choice for you and your baby, and your delivery will become your most cherished memory.

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