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A Look at Life as a Medicinal Marijuana Dispensary Worker

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As of November 2014, there are now 23 U.S. states — as well as Washington, D.C. — that allow legal medical marijuana use.

As a result, there are more medicinal marijuana dispensaries, or authorized marijuana sellers, located across the country than ever before to meet the demand for marijuana. And all these dispensaries need adequate, qualified employees to help advise patients on the right strains to help treat their ailments.

Wondering what life is like when you work at a medical marijuana dispensary? Here’s a quick guide to what the typical career of a medical marijuana dispensary worker is like:


In addition to typically being required to hold a high school diploma or GED, medical marijuana dispensary workers must go through rigorous training programs before their first day on the job. In order to serve patients with the best information on medicinal marijuana, workers will need to gain a thorough understanding of marijuana growing, legal issues surrounding marijuana, different marijuana strains, the business of marijuana, science and other regulatory and legislative issues.


When it comes to administering medicinal marijuana to patients, dispensary workers will put their knowledge on what strains of marijuana treat what illnesses to good use. Because doctors don’t prescribe specific dosages or strains of marijuana to their patients, it’s up to a dispensary worker to help the patient get the right medical marijuana treatment for his or her ailment.


Lastly, the people who work at medicinal marijuana dispensaries are responsible for educating customers and patients on this drug, which is essential for allowing the patient to understand why he or she is using medical marijuana and what its effect is on his or her body. Education is also key to removing much of the stigma that still surrounds marijuana use today.

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