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Day: December 23, 2014

Medical Marijuana 101 Americans Schools Offering Courses on Marijuana Industry

American college students might be able to declare a major in medical marijuana sooner than you think. As medical marijuana legalization spreads across the country, community colleges are introducing courses on the industry behind the drug — and entire pot-focused trade schools are cropping up. It’s a response to growing demand for education as more…

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5 Common Causes of Neck Pain

If you’re experiencing neck pain, you may want to consider looking for a local chiropractor. Although chiropractic techniques vary depending on the subspecialties of various practitioners, many chiropractors are back pain specialists, and a majority of patients visit the chiropractor for neck pain or back pain relief. When you’ve been diagnosed with a spinal problem,…

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5 Dos and Don’ts for Dealing With Hair Loss

Hair loss is a common problem among both men and women, though it’s more often talked about in relation to men. By age 50, a vast majority of men — about 85% — experience significant thinning. The ubiquity of the condition makes it all too easy to pick up bad advice about hair loss and…

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Three Ways To Prevent And Treat Fitness-Related Pain

Regular exercise can benefit Americans in many different ways; that is a fact. An exercise routine or regime helps men and women maintain a healthy weight, regular exercise decreases risks of serious health problems (including heart disease!), and it can even have therapeutic effects and improve your mood to boot. There is a right way…

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