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5 Common Causes of Neck Pain

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If you’re experiencing neck pain, you may want to consider looking for a local chiropractor. Although chiropractic techniques vary depending on the subspecialties of various practitioners, many chiropractors are back pain specialists, and a majority of patients visit the chiropractor for neck pain or back pain relief.

When you’ve been diagnosed with a spinal problem, then ongoing chiropractic care can help you to manage neck pain without surgeries or potentially harmful drugs. But if you aren’t sure what’s causing your neck pain, you may find yourself needing constant treatment when making a few simple lifestyle changes could relieve a large portion of your pain. You’ll want to discuss your individual case with your chiropractor, but knowing some common causes of neck pain is the best place to start:

  1. Poor Posture

    This general category covers a whole range of postural problems that can result in poor carriage of the head and neck. When you stand in a neutral position, your chin should neither jut out nor be tucked back. Looking at anatomical illustrations of your spinal structure can help you visualize the ideal head position.

  2. Computer Woes

    If your computer screen is either too high or too low, you may be spending hours of work and leisure time with your head angled up or down. Try to adjust your screen height so that you can look straight ahead — and make an effort to reduce your screen time altogether.

  3. Bad Pillows

    Tall, fluffy pillows may feel comfortable, but they’re not always ideal for your neck. Your pillow should merely support the natural curvature of the cervical spine, instead of tipping your head so that your chin comes closer to your chest.

  4. Driving Habits

    If you have serious whiplash from a single car accident, that will almost certainly need treatment by a chiropractor. But even day-to-day driving can put pressure on the neck if you make many jerky movements. Aim for gradual acceleration and braking, slow down for turns and adjust your headrest so your neck is supported.

  5. General Tenseness

    Much neck pain is caused by muscle tension. That muscle tension is often caused by stress. Getting a massage at the chiropractor is a great short-term solution. But if you have chronic tension related to stress, you need to find more ways to relax at home.

Do you think you’ll find a chiropractor for neck pain treatment, try to adjust your lifestyle, or both? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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