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Day: December 24, 2014

The Three Weirdest Facts About Medical Marijuana That No Doctor Will Tell You

Medical marijuana legalization is spreading across the country faster than you can say the words “medical marijuana.” With 23 states and counting currently authorizing the use of marijuana for medical purposes, more Americans than ever are learning about the benefits and advantages that marijuana can offer to people with serious health conditions. But marijuana also…

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Three Health Ailments and Conditions You Didn’t Know Marijuana Could Treat

It may not be monitored or regulated like other FDA-approved medicines, but the medicinal benefits of marijuana have proven to be far-reaching and great in number. From muscle spasticity to depression and anxiety, there are few health conditions that medicinal marijuana can’t at least reduce in severity. That’s why more Americans than ever before in…

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8 Tips for Eye Health

Maintaining the health of your eyes is important to your overall health, and getting regular checkups at the optometrist can help prevent common eye disorders. Each human eye weighs only a quarter of an ounce, and this small body part is the key to how we perceive the world. If you want to keep your…

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