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Day: December 10, 2014

3 Questions You Should Ask Your Hair Transplant Surgeon

Among the many hair loss solutions being offered today, surgical hair transplants are the most likely to restore natural hair regrowth in areas where the follicles have died. But even though transplant procedures are safe, as well as very effective for a high percentage of patients, they are still surgeries and should be considered carefully….

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Three Common — and False — Myths Surrounding Medicinal Marijuana

When looking at the big picture, Americans are gradually becoming more accepting of the idea of using marijuana to treat people’s health problems and conditions. Currently, more than 80% of U.S. citizens say they support giving doctors the ability to prescribe medical marijuana to their patients who need it. However, there’s still 17% of America…

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Understanding How Different Marijuana Strains Treat Different Illnesses

Medical marijuana’s benefits for one’s health are becoming increasingly understood and accepted among the general public. In recent polls, an amazing 83% of Americans now support allowing doctors to treat their patients with medical marijuana prescriptions. And as of this year’s Election Day, nearly half the country — 23 states along with Washington, D.C., has…

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5 Reasons to Find a Chiropractor

What do chiropractors do, really? Given the wide availability of chiropractic care in the United States, it’s amazing how many Americans can’t answer that question. The most basic answer is that chiropractors are musculoskeletal experts who may also have additional training in nutrition, exercise physiology, neurology and related fields. But chiropractors treat a wide range…

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