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Medical Marijuana 101 Americans Schools Offering Courses on Marijuana Industry

American college students might be able to declare a major in medical marijuana sooner than you think. As medical marijuana legalization spreads across the country, community colleges are introducing courses on the industry behind the drug — and entire pot-focused trade schools are cropping up. It’s a response to growing demand for education as more…

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How to Get A Medicinal Marijuana Card in Three Steps

Now that 24 jurisdictions throughout the United States have passed some form of medical marijuana legalization, nearly half the country now has access to medicinal marijuana use to treat their various illnesses. In fact, an amazing 83% of Americans say they support allowing doctors to prescribe medical marijuana to their patients who need it. However,…

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Colorado Doctor Faces Felony Charges for False Medical Marijuana Recommendations

A Colorado doctor who wrote up more than 7,000 prescriptions for medical marijuana without actually seeing many of the patients is now facing felony charges for his actions. According to a Dec. 1 Denver Post article, Dr. Lenny Sujdak has also had his license restricted by the Colorado Medical Board for these false medicinal marijuana…

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