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Medical Marijuana 101 Americans Schools Offering Courses on Marijuana Industry

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American college students might be able to declare a major in medical marijuana sooner than you think.

As medical marijuana legalization spreads across the country, community colleges are introducing courses on the industry behind the drug — and entire pot-focused trade schools are cropping up. It’s a response to growing demand for education as more young Americans hope to take jobs at medicinal marijuana dispensaries or in a number of other emerging marijuana-related jobs after graduation.

In Massachusetts, a state that will soon implement the medical marijuana legislation approved by voters in the 2012 election, demand for employees to staff the state’s 15 new dispensaries is already resulting in schools offering courses to train people for these jobs.

Already, Massachusetts has the Northeastern Institute of Cannabis, the New England Grass Roots Institute and the Cannabis Career Institute to help train people on the ins and outs of the medical marijuana industry, according to the Boston Globe.

And students, who come from all backgrounds and age groups, can learn more about just growing and selling medical marijuana. The Boston Globe reports that students can take classes on developing recipes for and cooking marijuana-infused foods in commercial kitchens, making packaging for marijuana products and even marketing the drug.

Most of these schools offer certificates to students who have successfully completed the required curriculum. And the educational environment is all professional — typically, medical marijuana schools don’t allow the drug to be brought to or used in class, the Boston Globe reports.

With a certificate in hand from a trade school that offers courses in medical marijuana, landing a job in any of the medicinal marijuana dispensaries of one’s home state becomes much easier. It also ensure the thousands of medical marijuana patients across the country will receive the best recommendations for strains and dosages from their dispensaries.

And when it comes down to it, that’s an A+.

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