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Day: December 21, 2015

Four Home Remedies for Acne

When you have acne, you may want to find the best acne advice so that you can get smoother skin. Acne can be upsetting and embarrassing, and it can affect many people’s self-esteem. Whether you have acne across your cheeks, acne on your chin, or forehead acne, no one wants it there. However, you can…

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3 Reasons Why You Might Have Acne

Acne is unavoidable for many people. In fact, 85% of all individuals will have acne at some point in their life. And while there thousands of products and methods out there that promise a bright and beautiful complexion, acne doesn’t warrant such simple solutions. Even if you have the best skin care out there, if…

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Dealing with Chronic Pain in These 3 Areas? It May Be Time to See an Orthopedic Surgeon

Chronic pain is something that almost everybody experiences, yet many put off treatment until their pain becomes too much too ignore. The truth is, these aches and pains are often a sign of something more dire, and knowing when to consult an orthopedist is an important part of ensuring that this pain does not become…

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Are You in Need of Pulmonary Rehabilitation?

This holiday season is not starting exactly the way you expected. Rather than being home with your family cooking a Christmas Eve dinner, you find yourself spending one last day in the recovery wing of a 24-hour skilled nursing care center. An unexpected infection after the scheduled hip replacement surgery is the cause of the…

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