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Dealing with Chronic Pain in These 3 Areas? It May Be Time to See an Orthopedic Surgeon

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Chronic pain is something that almost everybody experiences, yet many put off treatment until their pain becomes too much too ignore. The truth is, these aches and pains are often a sign of something more dire, and knowing when to consult an orthopedist is an important part of ensuring that this pain does not become permanent.

From hand and wrist conditions to knee pain, your body is full of injury-prone areas. General orthopedics is particularly important if you or a loved one participates in sports, and you need to find an experienced orthopedic surgeon to call when chronic pain or injuries become severe. Sports medicine has seen tremendous advances in the past decade, and many of these injuries are no long the athletic “death sentence” of yesteryear. Here are three of the most common examples of chronic pain that could be a sign you need orthopedic care:

  • Hand and wrist conditions. Chronic foot pain can also be included in this category, and all three of these body areas carry sensitive bones that are highly susceptible to injury. Each of your feet has 26 bones, 33 joints, and more than 100 tendons, muscles, and ligaments, making it highly likely that something will go wrong at one point or another. The best orthopedic surgeons are well-versed in the exact science of hand and wrist conditions, understanding that your quality of life is directly impacted by the pain you feel in these areas.
  • Hip problems. A common issue for those in their golden years, approximately one in four people will develop hip arthritis in their lifetime. Hip pain can drastically reduce your mobility, making it almost impossible to even walk up and down the stairs. These days, hip replacement surgeries are much easier to recover from, and many orthopedic surgeons can even provide treatment without surgery depending on the severity of your pain or injury.
  • Knee pain. Most athletes know the jolting pain of a knee injury, and many are forced to deal with a torn ACL are some point in their athletic career. Experienced orthopedists understand the importance of diagnosing each patient on an individual basis and trying treatments such as medication, physical therapy, or cortisone injections before surgery. However, if knee surgery is needed, you should know the healing time for these surgeries is shorter than ever, and you can be back on the court or field in no time with full mobility.

Make sure you keep an experienced orthopedic surgeon on speed-dial in case you or a loved one has chronic pain or plays sports. You deserve to wake up feeling pain-free every single day, and a great orthopedic surgeon can allow you to do just that.

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