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How to Set Personal Fitness Goals

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Are ready to implement a set of personal fitness goals? You are not alone, as only 47 percent of Americans claim they get the recommended amount of weekly exercise. And approximately 25 percent of American adults state that they are not physically active at all.

An estimated 45,300,000 adults in America say they have gym memberships. It is safe to guess that with the above stated statistics, a number of them do not take advantage of those memberships.

So, how do you go about setting personal fitness goals? You do need to understand that fitness can happen at any age, so through out any notions you may have about your age. You will, however, need to understand the limitations of your body.

First, determine the personal fitness goals you want to achieve. Is it overall strength, weight loss, or an effort to strengthen your heart? Write down just what you want to achieve with your personal fitness goals. Writing down your goals will let you see in black and white just what you want to achieve with your personal fitness goals.

If you want to do exercise to strengthen your heart, you need to determine your current heart rate as part of your personal fitness goals. This will let you employ the correct intensity in your routine. This can also help if you want to lose weight or increase cardio capacity. You will also want to know your heart rate so you do not exceed its current capacity, which can endanger your health.

Go over some exercise routines that can help you achieve your personal fitness goals. For instance, if you want to do strength training, you should determine what weight lifting exercises can be used. If you want to target fat areas, you can also use the weight resistance routines.

In order to increase cardiovascular strength, many people use cardio exercises as part of their personal fitness goals. However, you may want to get off the boring treadmill or bike, and try something like yoga. Interestingly, yoga is part of the alternative medicine field that believes all spiritual aspects of the health of an individual should be taken into account. And, interestingly may people are adopting alternative medicine and holistic health therapies, as worldwide, this industry is expected to reach $115 billion by 2015.
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