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How to Get A Medicinal Marijuana Card in Three Steps

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Now that 24 jurisdictions throughout the United States have passed some form of medical marijuana legalization, nearly half the country now has access to medicinal marijuana use to treat their various illnesses. In fact, an amazing 83% of Americans say they support allowing doctors to prescribe medical marijuana to their patients who need it.

However, few people are aware of just how you can obtain a medical marijuana card, which is required in all states to be able to purchase medical marijuana from a dispensary.

Do you think medicinal marijuana use is needed to help you treat your illness or ailments? If so, these are the three basic steps you’ll need to take to get a medical marijuana card:

Do your research

Before you stroll into your doctor’s office and demand him or her to give you a recommendation for medical marijuana, you will need to find out if you even have an illness that would benefit from medicinal marijuana use. Each state has a list of which health conditions have been approved for medical marijuana prescriptions; consult this first. It’s also important to thoroughly research your state’s registry system for medical marijuana — this will give members of law enforcement the ability to verify your identity and know that you have legal authorization to use medical marijuana when you do have your card.

Speak with your doctor

You will need to obtain an approval from your doctor before you can apply for a medical marijuana card. To do this, simply ask your doctor for it. He or she will then determine if you have a health condition that warrants marijuana use for medicinal purposes.

Secure your medical marijuana card

To apply for a medical marijuana card, you’ll need your doctor’s recommendation, your government-issued ID, proof of residency and in many cases, a fee. Administrative fees for medical marijuana cards will typically range from $100 to $250. You will need to bring all these materials, along with a completed application form, to your county’s health department — or you can mail it in. Depending on your state, you will receive your card in anywhere from a few days to several weeks. Then you can start using medicinal marijuana to feel better and get the relief you need for your condition.

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