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Three Health Ailments and Conditions You Didn’t Know Marijuana Could Treat

Medicinal benefits of marijuana

It may not be monitored or regulated like other FDA-approved medicines, but the medicinal benefits of marijuana have proven to be far-reaching and great in number. From muscle spasticity to depression and anxiety, there are few health conditions that medicinal marijuana can’t at least reduce in severity.

That’s why more Americans than ever before in history — about 83%, currently — say they support legislation that would allow doctors to recommend medical marijuana to their patients as a form of treatment for their illnesses.

Do you know as much about the medicinal benefits of marijuana as you should? Here are three of the most incredible health conditions that can be treated through medicinal marijuana use that you never knew about:

Chemotherapy side effects

Medical marijuana has been proven to be a major aid to cancer patients going through chemotherapy treatment. That’s because THC and CBD, two cannabinoids found in marijuana, help alleviate the pain, nausea and vomiting that are common side effects of chemotherapy. It also stimulates appetite, which is a common concern among cancer patients.


Another condition that medical marijuana is highly effective at treating is epilepsy. Researchers have found that the cannabinoid CBD is a powerful anticonvulsant. Epilepsy patients who use medical marijuana report a significant decrease in the number of seizures they experience — and in some cases, seizures can be prevented entirely through medical marijuana use.

Alzheimer’s Disease

Medical marijuana can even help prevent the onset of Alzheimer’s Disease, a condition characterized by gradual memory loss. Scientists have found that the cannabinoids in medical marijuana can help prevent the neurodegenerative processes of Alzheimer’s much more effectively than other prescription medications used to treat it, significantly prolonging its onset among patients.

Know of any other medicinal benefits of marijuana? Share your knowledge — or ask any questions you may have about medical marijuana — with us in the comments below.

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