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The Three Weirdest Facts About Medical Marijuana That No Doctor Will Tell You

Benefits of medicinal marijuana

Medical marijuana legalization is spreading across the country faster than you can say the words “medical marijuana.” With 23 states and counting currently authorizing the use of marijuana for medical purposes, more Americans than ever are learning about the benefits and advantages that marijuana can offer to people with serious health conditions.

But marijuana also has a long history, and some pretty interesting stuff has been done with marijuana that you might not know about.

Want to know the full story about medical marijuana? Here are three of the weirdest, most fascinating medical marijuana facts that your doctor will never tell you:

Marijuana makes your brain grow

It’s a long-held myth that you’ve probably heard at least once in your life — marijuana use kills your brain cells. In reality, marijuana does the exact opposite! Studies have linked medical marijuana use to neurogenesis, which is the growth and creation of new brain cells. In fact, medical marijuana’s neurogenerative properties can actually help promote cognitive function in patients with bipolar disorder.

Marijuana has been used for thousands of years

Did you know that the ancient Chinese have been using cannabis as early as 10,000 years ago? Medical cannabis is even considered one of the 50 “fundamental” herbs of traditional Chinese medicinal practices. The ancient Chinese weren’t the only ones to realize its medicinal properties. In ancient Greece, cannabis was used to dress horses’ wounds and sores. The Greeks even used it to help reduce nosebleeds!

Growing marijuana used to be an act of patriotism

The federal government currently considers marijuana to be illegal in any form and prohibits the growth, sale and use of both recreational and medical marijuana in states that don’t have medical marijuana programs. However, back in the earliest days of America, colonists were actually required to grow marijuana. A 1619 law required every farmer to grow it, to be used for its fibrous properties in making clothing, sails and rope. Even people like George Washington and Thomas Jefferson owned hemp farms!

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