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What Are the Benefits of Massage Therapy?

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Massage therapy is becoming a popular choice for a number of reasons. It offers relief from chronic pain, helps in healing and recovery from injury and accidents, reduces stress and improves overall well being. Many sports teams are starting to incorporate massage therapy into their training programs, and sports massage is a growing specialty within the field. Hospitals and doctors too are beginning to recommend massage therapy to complement medical treatments.

Who needs massage therapy?
Anyone suffering from chronic pain like arthritis or back, neck and shoulder pain. People recovering from traffic accidents and injuries. Those looking to reduce stress and improve overall health and wellness. All of these people have one thing in common: massage therapy can make a real difference in their health and improve their quality of life.
Sports massage is becoming more and more popular both as a way of helping athletes to recover from injuries and also to prevent injuries in the first place. Across the board, medical massage can be used for preventative and therapeutic purposes. It can help people to improve their quality of life by restoring functionality and range of movement they had lost due to chronic pain or injuries.

What are the benefits of massage therapy?
Personal trainers, chiropractors, coaches and other health related facilities are discovering that message therapy can make a big difference in the lives of their clients. From minor muscle aches and pains to major problems with chronic pain, massage therapy for pain is proven to be effective time and again. Nearly all, or 92% of those who have tried using massage therapy for pain, find that it helps to provide relief.
There are many well documented health benefits from massage therapy. It can be helpful in reducing blood pressure in pre-hypertensive women. A study published in the International Journal of Preventive Medicine found that massage could be an effective intervention, and lower blood pressure for up to 72 hours. Deep tissue massage offers benefits like muscle and joint stabilization, increased range of motion and myofascial release.

Is it medically sound?
Doctors, hospitals and other medical facilities are recognizing the health benefits of massage and incorporating it as an alternative medicine therapy. By July of 2014, more than 54 million people had discussed its use with their doctors or health care providers during the past year.
The American Hospital Association recently carried out a survey of 1,007 hospitals on the use of complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) therapies. It found that almost 82% of the hospitals offered CAM therapies, including massage therapy. Among medical practitioners, chiropractors are the most likely to refer their clients to massage therapy.

Whether they choose to have a massage for wellness and relaxation, or to complement medical treatment for chronic pain and rehabilitation from injuries, millions of people find massage therapy to be highly effective in providing pain relief. Sports massage is likewise becoming a popular choice and many teams incorporate it into their training regime. Doctors and medical facilities recognize massage therapy as an effective CAM therapy and frequently refer patients to LMTs.

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