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5 Common Urgent Care Concerns

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You have probably noticed an increase in local urgent care clinics. You have probably wondered if they are as efficient and knowledgeable as your regular doctor or the local emergency department. Urgent care clinics are the new trend in medical care and actually have many advantages over traditional medical care models.

Experienced and qualified medical providers
One of the biggest concerns of urgent care centers is who will provide the medical care. When you require medical treatment, you want someone that is experienced and qualified. Fortunately, urgent care clinics are operated by medical providers that are highly experienced and very qualified. In fact, there are currently 20,000 physicians who practice Urgent Care medicine today. You will find that a large percentage of your local urgent care clinics are owned and operated by the same medical providers that operate family practices or that work in the local emergency department.

More convenient of scheduling
Approximately 85% of urgent care centers are open seven days a week. This is compared to regular physicians? offices which are normally only open four to five days a week. Additionally, the hours of a multicare urgent care center are increased. While traditional medical offices operate on normal business hours, usually closing between 4 and 5 PM, urgent care locations don?t close until 9 PM or later. Weekend availability also makes it easier for those with full time jobs to receive the medical care they require, on a schedule that works for them. You no longer have to take off needed work time to sit in a medical providers office for hours at a time.

The ability to treat many common medical conditions
It is likely that you normally see your primary physician for common medical conditions, including the common cold and flu symptoms, ankle sprains, respiratory infections, and cuts and scrapes. Anything that falls outside of these medical concerns often requires a medical specialist. Urgent care clinics can provide the same care and medical consultation for these common conditions and can also provide medical recommendations for more specialized of medical treatment. In fact, the most common diagnosis in an urgent care center was upper respiratory condition, and the most common procedure was wound repair in 2012. Some advanced urgent care locations even have diagnostic abilities, such as XRAY machines.

Timely pediatric medical care
Many parents of younger children have numerous medical concerns. It can be very overwhelming and nerve racking to have pediatric medical concerns and to have to wait until morning to reach your pediatrician. It can also be anxiety producing to take your young child to the local emergency room, where you are forced to wait for hours with people who are much sicker than your child. The urgent care clinic is a great option for those with young children who have pressing medical concerns. The extended hours and lack of schedule requirement give parents the timely pediatric medical care they desire.

Last minute vaccination and physicals availability
We have all been there. Your child informs you that their school physical or vaccination is due tomorrow. You will never get an appointment that fast and now you will have to take off work to even get an appointment with your primary physician. Still, the physical or vaccination will be late, and it will throw off your entire schedule. All urgent care locations have the ability to do back to school physicals and routine vaccinations. You can have your needed medical records within minutes, without disrupting anyone?s schedule.

Urgent care clinics are popping up all over the country. Yet, there are still many people who are hesitant to try them. They worry about their medical qualifications and are not clear on the types of medical services that they provide. Urgent care clinics are similar to your primary physician?s office, except that they have better hours and do not require you to make an appointment. The next time that you need immediate medical care, but do not want to wait for an appointment with your primary physician, consider your local urgent care clinic.

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