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Three Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Medicinal Marijuana

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We’ve all heard the debates about legalizing marijuana, but it’s important to remember that there is a difference between medicinal marijuana and other debates. Medicinal marijuana is the use of marijuana to treat medical conditions and symptoms, and here are three things you probably didn’t know about it.

1. The Approval Rating
Since the use of marijuana is such a hotly debated topic and people seem to have rather strong opinions about it, many people think that there isn’t much approval for medicinal marijuana use. That actually isn’t the case; approval has been rising for a number of years. In 1997, only 62% of Americans approved of it, but recent polls show that more than 80% of people agree that doctors should have the option to prescribe medicinal marijuana to patients who suffer from serious illnesses.

2. The Medicinal Benefits of Marijuana
Medicinal marijuana, of course, is used for treating symptoms like nausea, loss of appetite, and chronic pain; however, there are a number of other uses that many people aren’t aware of. Studies have shown that there is a potential for its use in treating Tourette’s syndrome. It has also shown promising progress in treating seizure conditions and muscle spasticity. Medicinal marijuana use can also be beneficial for improving mood, and studies suggest that it could reduce suicide rates by 5% among the general population.

3. How It’s Made Available
Many people are aware that medicinal marijuana is legal in some states, but it’s not always clear how people actually acquire it. In states where medicinal marijuana is legal, a doctor who thinks that the patient would benefit from the use of marijuana would give the patient a marijuana card. Then, the patient would go to licensed distributors, which are referred to as medicinal marijuana dispensaries.

Do you have any questions about the medicinal benefits of marijuana, the approval rates in America, or how patients get medicinal marijuana? Feel free to ask us in the comments section below.

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