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San Francisco Startup Wants to Be Airbnb For Assisted Living

assisted living optionsAlthough there are many types of long term care options for seniors, the vast majority of people underestimate the actual need for them. In fact, research has shown that while 37% of people age 50 and over feel they will need long term care in the future, the reality is that around 70% will actually require it.

This great need for long term care can be a strain on families. While senior living options include in home care, independent living communities, assisted living, nursing homes, and memory loss care, many familial caregivers want to be solely responsible for the well-being of their loved one. This can easily lead to caregiver burnout, as well as frustrations and added tensions within the family unit.

To help avoid this result, one company is adding more assisted living options to the list of choices for families. A Francisco-based startup called Seniorly is now trying to provide a service for short-term assisted living stays for seniors.

Essentially, the company wants to be the Airbnb of senior care, with a little bit of Yelp thrown in. Seniorly already provides a database of assisted living options, but they just launched an option for short-term stays. It’s aimed at familial caregivers who need a welcome respite from their daily responsibilities.

The CEO of Seniorly, Arthur Bretschneider, highlights how demanding a job caregiving can be. On top of their 24/7 responsibilities as caregiver, many people also have full-time jobs or young children to take care of. “We offer caregivers short-term care options for much-needed vacations, out of town business trips, or other situations like medical procedures when they need a short break from their caregiving duties.” He adds that Seniorly helps provide caregivers necessary piece of mind that “their loved one will be safe, well-cared for, and happy while they are gone.”

Because assisted living options usually are filled up to an 85%-95% occupancy, they’re usually likely to have beds available. Like Airbnb or even popular hotel websites, the Seniorly platform allows facilities to update their availability and pricing in real-time for consumers.

The company offers options that typically cost between $100 and $300 per day. Because 24-hour in-home care can be costly and it can be a challenge to find short-term care on your own, Seniorly is often a better financial option that can relieve stress in more ways than one.

Seniorly uses data from across the internet to help vet the companies and properties they use. They factor in state licensing reports, on-site visits, and interviews. The site also allows reviews of the facilities by those who have used their services. These can be immensely helpful for helping families to decide upon a facility for a short-term stay.

Currently, the Seniorly platform is available primarily in the Bay Area, but the company wants to expand throughout Southern California. Eventually, they hope to make their services readily available throughout the United States. By having short-term availability options for assisted living communities in one place, familial caregivers may be more likely to take a well-deserved break when they need it, without feeling guilty.

But in places where Seniorly is not yet available, you can still gain easy access and vital information about your assisted living options. One of the best ways is by using a senior referral service like ours. We offer info about assisted living, memory care, and much more. Contact us today to learn more about your choices. We can help you to determine which type of senior living placement would work best for your loved one and your family.

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