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Building a Kids Indoor Play Structure

March 27, 2019

Good exercise should be a part of anyone’s life. After all, the human body is built by nature for exercise, and the human body actually has ways to reward exercise and punish sedentary lifestyles. This is a holdover from pre-historic days when early hominids hunted and chased game animals for food, as opposed to sedentary, […]

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How Are You Looking and Feeling This Monday Morning?

March 25, 2019

It will take all of the professional skin care products that you have to make this Monday morning a good one. You knew when your first grade son was still awake at 1:00 am that it would not be a good morning. After a very rough start you are sending lots of prayers for the […]

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Not Just For Show The Protective Power Of Today’s High-Tech Sunglasses

March 23, 2019

You can smell it in the air. Feel it on the breeze. Summer is coming up fast and your vacation days are ready to be enjoyed to the fullest! Have you bought some protective eyewear? This can seem a little fussy, particularly if you already put a lot of care into your skin care regimen, […]

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Five Benefits Of Using Methadone To Treat Opiate Addiction

March 17, 2019

According to Centers for Disease Control, 114 people die each day because of drugs and more than 6,700 people are sent to the emergency room for treatment. In the United States, the numbers associated with drugs and with alcohol are staggering. Drug overdoses are now the top cause of injury-related death in the United States […]

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Vaccines Will Make My Children Sick Five Common Myths About Vaccinations Debunked And Explored

March 15, 2019

Vaccines are responsible for saving millions of lives every year. Even this number can seem a little hard to wrap one’s head around. Are they really that powerful? The answer is always going to be a resounding yes. It’s thanks to vaccines the general population can live day-to-day life free from worry. The advent of […]

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When to Visit a Walk In Clinic

March 10, 2019

It is a simple fact of life that Americans young and old will sometimes get hurt or ill, and when this happens, finding the right urgent care or emergency care is essential. A victim, or someone nearby, can look for a nearby walk in clinic or doctors with a smart phone or a PC, and […]

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Are You Satisfied with the Catheter That You Are Using?

March 6, 2019

Growing old is not always fun. From the reliance on maintenance medications to be our best selves to the need for urological supplies like intermittent catheters, there are many times when living our best lives can be a challenge. Not surprising, in a time when there are many Americans who are overweight there are a […]

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What You Should Know About Finding Medical Care Here In The United States

March 5, 2019

If you’re looking to stay on top of your general health, it will be important to find a family doctor. When you find a family doctor, you will begin to be able to build a relationship with him or her, something that can prove to be quite important over the course of time. You’ll also, […]

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The Ins and Out of Tonsillectomies

March 3, 2019

It used to be that when children had multiple infections, they often had their tonsils removed. This was the standard operating procedure for ENT doctors around the United States. In fact, if you go back three decades, you would find that about 90% of all tonsillectomies (the removal of tonsils) were done for that reason. […]

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Options For Hair Loss Here In The United States

February 27, 2019

How do hair transplants work? Are they effective? Can my balding be reversed or stopped completely? These are all common questions here in the United States, as hair loss itself is quite common among all different types of people. With up to 35 million men and more than 20 million women living with hair loss, […]

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