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The Hazards of Expired or Defective Diabetic Strips

If you have diabetes or if your child or someone you care about does, then you are probably very familiar with the use of diabetic strips and how important they can be for so many people. What people may not be familiar with, however, is encountering defective or expired strips, which is also what the attached video discusses. In most cases, these important medical devices offer life-saving and life-changing support.

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That is the good news. Sometimes, however, we end up in the possession of diabetic strips that are no longer good, but are they dangerous or do they pose a risk to our health?

The short and definitive answer is yes, defective or expired diabetic strips can be a threat to those suffering from diabetes and who take insulin to manage their condition. In the worst-case scenario, in fact, diabetic strips that don’t provide proper reading could ultimately lead to an insulin overdose, resulting in death. There are, of course, many other risks and concerns that come with improperly managing your insulin if you have diabetes. That also means that if you happen to end up in the possession of expired test strips or strips that are defective, then it is important to get rid of them, for your safety and your health.


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