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Leg Fractures The Facts


Dealing with a leg fracture is not a fun ordeal and for some people, it may be their worst nightmare. Now, do not be worried if you have never thought about dealing with a leg fracture before reading this article. This type of injury is most common amongst athletes or people who work on construction sites where there is plenty of danger to worry about.

Every single year over 1 billion Americans will get cold. This is a simple situation to deal with for many and points to how easy it can be to get the right kind of treatment. Here are all of the facts that people should know about dealing with a leg fracture.

First and foremost it is important to establish that not every serious situation should be taken to an emergency room. The emergency room is a place that should be reserved for life and death situations for the most part. That is not to say you should never visit the emergency room but more so to inform you that you can visit urgent care clinics for a lot of issues.

Every single day in the United States more than 25,000 Americans will end up coming down with an ankle sprain. This may sound scary and intense on the surface, yet, it is not actually that bad of a situation to be in. Understand that every year as well there are over 6 million people who will break a bone which is surely a terrible situation to be in.

When you end up with a leg fracture and do not want to visit the emergency room you can just as easily go to a walk in clinic. These clinics are built to help people with problems that are not serious enough for the emergency room but still need quick treatment. Right now, just about four out of five urgent care centers are open to providing some form of fracture care to patients who need the help.

Across the nation, nearly 85% of all urgent care centers are open to the public seven days a week. This points directly to how reliable these types of centers are. Plus, the Urgent Care Association recently revealed that nearly 3 million patients will visit an urgent care this week. This is a statistics that can directly reflect the rise in popularity of these centers amongst patients.

Plenty of people believe that visiting an urgent care center is not worth their time because they think that they will have to wait a long period of time before they seek a doctor. However, just about 60% of all urgent care centers will have a wait time that is less than 15 minutes in order for a patient to see a physician or mid-level provider. Plus, almost 65% of all urgent care centers will have a physician on-site at just about all times.

In Conclusion

Dealing with a leg fracture can be super stressful so do not try and compound that with medical bills that are absurdly expensive. Milliman conducted a private study surrounding people who visit emergency rooms as opposed to visiting urgent care clinics. This study revealed that nearly 65% of all emergency room episodes could have been treated at an urgent care clinic. So this just goes to show that emergency room visits are not always the answer when dealing with a medical issue.

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