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Why Urgent Care and Not the ER?

Redmond urgent care

Urgent care facilities have become a convenient and important delivery service for health care. 85% of such facilities operate 7 days a week, with more than 2/3 of them opening before 9:00 AM on weekdays. Such flexibility makes these organizations ideal for busy parents or elderly folks who may find making appointments with other doctors difficult or expensive. Urgent care facilities are doing something well, because according to an Urgent Care Association of American estimate, 3 million patients visit them each week. Find urgent care, and you’ll find doctors who are committed to providing top quality medical care.

Care for the injured is a priority at urgent cares. 4 out 5 facilities provide fracture care, and it’s reported ankle sprains are among some of the most common injuries Americans have.
Sports injuries account for $33 billion dollars in health care costs and can easily be treated. They treat a wide variety of symptoms from swimmer’s ear, throat infections, bronchitis, and UTI’s to name a few. Moreover, they often offer STI and HIV testing, and vaccines. Burns and lacerations are also easily treated at urgent care centers. Even something as simple as the flu can be treated at a walk in clinic.
If you need to find urgent care for something like a worker’s comp injury or employment screening, a walk in clinic provides an excellent place to efficiently get that done.

Urgent care also offers a viable option to the emergency room. Out of the 20,000 doctors who practice at urgent care, they’re sure to offer top notch care. Additionally, it’s much less expensive to seek care for something that is not immediately life threatening at a urgent care. Urgent care often gets people in and out of their facilities in an hour, as opposed to waiting several in an ER. Studies actually show that 35% of Er visits could have been more quickly and affordably had the patients come to a walk in clinic and not an ER.

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