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4 Ways to Ensure You’re Getting the Best Chiropractor

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Chiropractic techniques can treat musculoskeletal pain, particularly pain associated with the spine, without the use of drugs and without the side effects that go along with them. That can make going to a chiropractor for neck pain or back pain treatment well worth it. But not all chiropractors are equally reliable, and some make claims and try to treat conditions without evidentiary support. So how can you find a chiropractor who will give you the best possible treatment? Here are four things you should try:

  1. Ask for a Doctor Referral

    In most cases, you don’t need a referral from your primary care physician in order to see a chiropractor. But your regular doctor is still a valuable resource, and you should consider discussing chiropractic care with him or her and getting a referral at your next appointment; if your doctor recommends a certain chiropractor, he or she is likely to be knowledgeable and have a good treatment record.

  2. Utilize Chiropractor Reviews

    Although you should know that any Internet research is just a starting point, online chiropractor reviews can help you narrow down a list of chiropractors to consider further. Make sure that you’re looking at the content of the reviews, and not just ratings. Someone else might have given more points to a chiropractor for something that wouldn’t suit you at all, or taken away points for something that wouldn’t bother you in the least.

  3. Consider Specialty Training

    There are 10 specialties (all administered by the American Chiropractic Association), and you should read through a list of them to see if one fits your situation better than the others. Just like medical doctors who specialize, these chiropractors have additional training in areas like sports medicine or nutrition.

  4. Conduct In-Person Interviews

    You never know how you’ll “click” with a practitioner until you actually meet in person. Because chiropractic care is often ongoing, it’s worth taking a little extra time to find a chiropractor who makes you feel relaxed and comfortable. Chiropractic is a hands-on field, and you don’t want to choose someone who has excellent textbook knowledge but whose personality sets you on edge.

How do you recommend deciding among the many local chiropractors you probably have access to? Share your tips in the comments.

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