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Three Common — and False — Myths Surrounding Medicinal Marijuana

Medical cannabis

When looking at the big picture, Americans are gradually becoming more accepting of the idea of using marijuana to treat people’s health problems and conditions. Currently, more than 80% of U.S. citizens say they support giving doctors the ability to prescribe medical marijuana to their patients who need it.

However, there’s still 17% of America that doesn’t approve of legalizing marijuana for medical use — and most of these people don’t approve of it because their knowledge of medical marijuana is fraught with innaccuracy and

Could your knowledge of medical marijuana be based in utter lies? Find out with our list of the three biggest myths and misconceptions that people believe about medicinal marijuana use today:

Marijuana is addictive

Many people falsely perceive marijuana as a “gateway drug” that causes dependence and, ultimately, branching out to more dangerous drugs. However, marijuana — especially medical marijuana — has the lowest rate of dependence among all controlled substances. In fact, tobacco’s 30% addiction rate is much more concerning than marijuana’s 4% dependence rate among Americans.

Using marijuana makes you lazy

Another common stereotype of people who use marijuana — even medical marijuana — have no motivation and spend every day melting into their couches. However, scientific studies haven’t found a correlation between one’s level of motivation and their use or lack thereof of marijuana. Basically, if you were lazy before using marijuana, you will continue to be lazy when you use it; if you are a type A personality who is always up and around, marijuana use won’t change that.

Marijuana has no medicinal properties

The fact that 23 states and the District of Columbia have made marijuana legal for medicinal purposes should be evidence enough against this myth. If that’s not enough for you, you could look at the 20,000 or so scientific studies proving medical marijuana facts and its benefits on human health. Marijuana can actually be used to treat a huge number of illnesses, from helping people fight off cancer to reducing depression and anxiety. To say marijuana can’t be used as medicine would be extremely misguided.

Know of any other pervasive inaccuracies that people believe when it comes to medical marijuana facts or legalization near you? Feel free to ask us in the comments section below this article.

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