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Why The New Year Is The Perfect Time To Start A New Exercise Plan

Many people pick out New Years’ resolutions that they think are realistic but often fall apart as the year picks up. It’s easy to make vague promises about eating healthier or getting in shape at the start of the new year, but most people don’t actually follow through. Does that mean that the new year is a bad time to start a new exercise plan? No – there are plenty of reasons to start a new exercise plan at the start of the year. Here’s why you shouldn’t give up on those New Years’ resolutions just yet.


New Year, New Calendar For Tracking


Starting new exercise plans or nutrition programs at the start of the year can be incredibly helpful for people who rely on routine to keep them going. At the start of the calendar year, it’s easier to track just how much you’re actually exercising by marking it down on a calendar. Seeing your exercise or nutrition plan written down can help you stick to your goals.


One of the main reasons people give up on their resolutions to get in shape and lose weight is simply because they find it hard to keep track of their progress. By starting at the beginning of the calendar year, it’ll be easier to track your progress day by day, keeping you motivated.


All Inclusive Health


Most people have more than just one New Years’ resolution, and often they tend to go hand-in-hand. Rather than just working out, people look to increase the amount of time they’re working out while also improving their nutrition and weight loss. By working on all of these at the same time, you’re more likely to see more comprehensive results.


That being said, make sure if you’re trying a new weight loss program that you pay close attention to your nutrition as well as your exercise plan. You might think you’re already eating healthy, but take another look at that nutrition label; around 90% of Americans eat more than the recommended amount of sodium for a healthy diet.


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