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What to Expect From Peripheral Artery Disease Treatment

If you’ve been diagnosed with and need to partake in peripheral artery disease treatment, your doctor has probably already recommended some lifestyle changes. Depending on the severity of your symptoms, you might even be prescribed some medication. Bypass surgery could also be on the table, in the worst of cases.

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But no matter what steps you may be taking for your peripheral artery disease treatment, exercise will always be one of the most important aspects. You may give up smoking and saturated fats, but without exercise, your treatment can’t be considered complete.

When it comes to exercising for your PAD treatment, you should pay extra attention to the pain in your leg muscles. You should push yourself to a level of pain and sustain it, but never get to the point where it’s unbearable. When you’re doing your reps, allow the pain to fully subside in between. This is referred to as a “stop start” method, and it can be applied to any aerobic activity — even using the stairs.

Ask your doctor about the possibility of joining in on a supervised group exercise program. There are lots of advantages to exercising under the watch of a specialist.

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