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What Do Primary Care Doctors Treat?

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Primary doctors, or PCPs, are integral parts of the healthcare system. They provide a comprehensive range of medical services for patients on a regular basis. There are a ton of benefits to seeing a primary care physician, but what do they treat? This article will discuss some of the benefits of seeing a PCP and what they can treat.

Primary care doctors will treat healthy and unhealthy individuals. Healthy individuals still need to see their primary doctor at least once a year, after all. If a healthy person becomes unhealthy, then they can make additional appointments to see what is wrong. The PCP will diagnose and treat the illness. They’ll also refer the patient to a specialist, if needed.

Primary care doctors provide the most comprehensive and consistent care of any healthcare provider. Your PCP will likely be the doctor you see the most, unless you have a specialist who you need to see more often (for example, rheumatologists may see their patients every couple of months to monitor treatment).

PCPs are the core of a healthcare team. They will refer patients to specialists and help coordinate their treatment. They can also help patients keep track of medicine and other treatment regimens. For more information, check out the video in the link above.

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