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Tips for Sleeping When You Have ADHD and Insomnia

ADHD can dramatically affect a person’s life. Many people with ADHD suffer from sleep disturbances ranging from delayed sleep phase disorder to insomnia. It’s not always clear why some people with ADHD struggle with sleep, and answers can be found in brain chemistry, lifestyle choices, medication usage, and many other factors. Still, though, people with both ADHD and insomnia can find ways to sleep.

The video here includes five tips to help people sleep if they’re suffering from ADHD-related insomnia.

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Some of these tips are less intuitive than anyone might expect. For example, the host recommends getting enough sunlight throughout the day. Theoretically, getting a lot of sunlight exposure helps people’s internal clocks function better, leading to fewer issues with delayed sleep onset.

Another tip from the video is to slow your thoughts down with a bedtime routine. A routine that includes relaxing elements like a hot shower or listening to a podcast can help a person get in the right mindset to let go of the day and prepare for sleep.

To learn more about ADHD and insomnia, watch the video posted above or talk to a licensed psychiatrist or therapist who specializes in ADHD.

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