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The ‘TLC’ You Should Look for in a Racquet and Tennis Club

New york racquet and tennis club

If you’ve considered joining a racquet and tennis club recently, there is one thing that has probably heavily influenced your decision: the sport you are interested in playing. For instance, if you’re thinking of joining a club for tennis, you’ve likely looked into any indoor clay tennis courts that that club offers. If you are among those who prefer to play squash, you have probably looked at those facilities, as well.

But there’s a lot more to health and fitness clubs than the sports facilities that they offer. Tennis clubs in particular tend to offer a variety of membership services to keep tennis players coming back again and again. While everyone will want something different from their racquet and tennis club membership, it may be beneficial to consider the “TLC” you could get from your local club. This “TLC” includes:


Tennis clubs typically offer lessons in groups or on a one-on-one basis. However, some will go above and beyond this guidance to offer special tennis training camps and other lessons for members. In addition to specializing in everything from footwork drills to individualized advice, many of these lessons are also given by actual tennis pros. This can help just about anyone, whether amateur or pro, improve technique and learn valuable information about the sport.


Tennis facilities can vary greatly depending upon where they are located and which clientele they serve. The important thing, no matter what your budget, is to choose a club that has the right atmosphere. Some of these clubs offer additional perks, like luxury spas, which offer members many different types of spa treatments. Even ten minutes of massage can help reduce inflammation, and this serves as the perfect complement to a tennis game or lesson. Other treatments may include steam baths, ice baths, and saunas, among others.


Finally, one of the biggest draws for racquet and tennis clubs is that they offer members a sense of community. These venues often host tennis or squash mixers where members can play the games they love and get to know other people who enjoy the same hobbies that they do. Finding a place to play tennis is one thing, but finding a club with the right atmosphere and people can make all the difference in sticking to your fitness routine.

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