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7 Qualities a Weight Loss Coach Should Have

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Physical activity is one of the best ways any person can stay healthy and can even actively improve their health, but only two in 10 adults currently meet the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) requirements for daily aerobic physical and muscle strengthening activity. Having a workout plan is one of the best ways to can ensure that you are committed to staying active, and looking into personal fitness coaching is one of the best ways to learn more about it. Regular physical activity can even lower the risk of many cardiovascular illnesses, so the effects on your health are numerous and if you want to change your life you should start with exercise and a healthy diet.

If, on the other hand, you are experienced with daily exercise routines and you know how to meet your own fitness goals, then you might have something to offer other people who are feeling a little lost. Only 20% of people can lose weight and keep it off, and if you have some expertise in the area than you might be able to offer some advice and even change peoples’ lives by learning how to become a weight loss coach.

This isn’t a job for everyone though and it takes some special qualities to be able to motivate clients to workout and exercise every day. People are sometimes reluctant to make big lifestyle changes, so it can be stressful to become a weight loss coach. If you want to learn more but aren’t sure if this job is for you, keep reading to learn about the most important qualities required for fitness coaches.

    1. You’re a people person
    When you are working with clients who are trying to lose weight, you will have to spend a lot of time talking to them, so it’s best if you are social and like talking to others.

    2. You enjoy working out
    To become a weight loss coach, it’s key that you like working out. You will often exercise with your clients because this will help motivate them.

    3. You know how to cook healthy meals
    One of the most important things, that is also often forgotten, is the importance of eating healthy. Even if you are just trying to focus on physical exercise, you should still be able to advise your clients on the basics of how to eat healthy and adopt new cooking strategies.

    4. You have patience
    It can sometimes take a long time for people to get the basics of even what is a seemingly small lifestyle change, so you should make sure you have patience and are willing to work with people at their own pace. Not everyone works at the same pace, so you should adjust your style to different clients’ personal needs.

    5. You’re interested in learning about other people
    You will spend lots of time talking in depth with people about their lives — not yours — so it’s important that you be genuinely interested in learning about how other people live.

    6. You don’t expect a huge salary
    Unfortunately, most weight loss coaches don’t make a huge salary — but don’t worry because this doesn’t mean you will be broke! You’ll definitely make enough to live a comfortable lifestyle, but don’t expect to be traveling abroad every weekend.

    7. You are confident
    Perhaps the most important quality is self confidence to enhance people’s trust in you. Read more.

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