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Dermatologists Say More Men Are Now Getting Botox

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For years, anti-aging solutions like Botox cosmetic injections and nonsurgical facelifts have primarily been seen as something meant for women. After all, almost every culture places a high priority on female beauty, causing many women to attempt to maintain their youthful appeal or simply improve their self-confidence through artificial means. And so for years, the numbers supported this common impression. However, studies suggest that this impression may have to change: an increasing number of men are now seeking and receiving Botox cosmetic injections as well. In fact, there is even an unofficial name for these procedures: Brotox.

According to recent research, the number of men seeking Botox injections has increased 10% since 2013. Dermatologists say that there are many reasons for this growth: the desire to compete with younger men, for example, or a less recognized but prevalent impulse to retain their youth and beauty. Many men may also be looking to help their careers by decreasing signs of stress and other problems. For this reason, many dermatologists and other anti-aging professionals say that a number of their male patients seeking Botox cosmetic injections belong to the military. Being good-looking won’t get you to general status, these doctors say, but it can help in the early stages of your career.

This trend isn’t unique to the United States: in South Korea, for example, it has been noted that a number of the country’s male professionals are now turning to plastic surgery, anti-aging methods, and other procedures previously seen as meant for women. Because of the nation’s hardworking, driven and image-conscious professional culture, looking young and healthy is now considered necessary to stand out and succeed.

While some people may feel uncomfortable at the news of this growing trend, many people agree that it is a welcome change. It is natural for both men and women to want to look as attractive as possible, and Botox cosmetic injections, Juvederm treatments and other procedures are often the best way to achieve these results. Whether you are male or female, don’t be afraid to contact a local dermatologist or anti-aging specialist to discuss these services. However, it is always important to discuss any planned cosmetic work , whether it is a Botox or Juvederm procedures or something else, with your general practitioner to determine how it will affect your overall health. Research more here.

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