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Ice Cream or Vegetables: Which is the Healthy Choice? (The Answer May Shock You)

tasting spoonIt’s no surprise that there is an obesity epidemic in the United States. Television, the radio, newspapers, and magazines all regularly advertise the newest fast food items at many popular chains. It’s hard to avoid the mouth-watering sensation when you see crispy and salty french fries everywhere you go.

All of the junk food out there tends to have an extremely negative connotation if you’re trying your best to eat and be healthier. Although, you may be shocked to find out that one popular dessert actually has some surprising health benefits. Ice cream is the dessert of choice for many, and it’s one that’s hard to resist. With thousands of flavors, it can seem nearly impossible to say no. Ice cream shops will even offer customers a tasting spoon of a sample so they can choose the perfect flavor.

Much like ice cream, gelato is also a popular choice. Very similar to the creamy dish, gelato seems to be a fairly new choice for many people who are looking for some desserts but don’t want as much dairy. Gelato is just as delicious, and like ice cream parlors, gelato shops offer their customers a tasting spoon for the “sweet tooths” among us to pick a taste.

It’s well known that ice cream isn’t the healthiest choice for a late night snack; or is it? Let’s investigate.

Ice Cream Provides You with Nutrients
As we all know, ice cream is mainly milk and sugar, so it makes sense that our bodies would be filled with calcium after indulging in the sweet treat. However, it also helps your body by providing B vitamins, phosphor, and potassium that can help to lower your blood pressure.

Eating Ice Cream May Help You Lose Weight
The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition did a study and found that women who eat at least one serving of ice cream per day don’t gain as much weight as those who stay away from the dessert. Now, that doesn’t mean you should overdo it and eat tubs of frozen treats while sitting on the couch every night. It might be best to stick with an ice cream cup rather than an ice cream tub.

It May Help You Improve Your Chances of Having a Baby
A study that came out of Harvard regarding the correlation between ice cream and conception was published in the journal Human Reproduction. The study says that women who eat ice cream more than twice a week have a 38% lower risk of ovulation-related infertility. The study looked at over 18,000 women between the ages of 24 and 42.

So, the next time you sit down to gelato or ice cream, you don’t have to question whether or not what you’re putting into your body is bad. Think of all of the health benefits, grab a tasting spoon at your local ice cream shop, and get to eating!

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