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How Healthy Natural Colon Cleanses Work

If you’re not feeling particularly energetic or healthy, you may have heard that colon cleanses are a great way to restore your health. The colon is one of the main organs your body relies on to remove toxins from the body, and you can support it by ensuring it isn’t coated with toxic substances.

Natural colon cleanses can be used in healthy ways, but it’s important to not use them too frequently.

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Your body should be able to filter toxins out very well on its own, but you may find that you get some extra vitality from doing the occasional colon cleanse.

In the video posted to this page, a doctor discusses natural options for cleansing your colon. Some of the natural remedies he recommends include fermented vegetables, probiotic-rich foods, high-fiber fruits, flax seeds, and plenty of pure, clean water. He also recommends using an herb called Triphala, which is used in India and Asia to promote healthy colon function.

To learn more about how to cleanse your colon in this way, watch the video in full. He includes a week-long colon cleanse diet plan that could support your health goals and help you feel lighter and more refreshed.

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