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How EMF Safety Can Protect Your Children

How to block emf

Now that over the past decade cellphones have become an essential part of functioning in the world and society, people have no time to question what residual effects their mobile device may be having on their health. Considering they are always on our person, acting almost as an extra appendage, never has our exposure to electromagnetic fields (EMF) been higher.

In recent years, the negative effects that these fields can have on people has become more obvious, considering the exposure that younger generations have been vulnerable to. EMFs have been linked to the occurrence of headaches, neurological problems, and potentially even the development of cancers. This is an even more dangerous problem for children and younger individuals who have been, and will continue to be, exposed to cellphone usage throughout their entire lives.

Even before birth, mobile devices have been shown to cause emf dangers to babies. Children whose mothers used cell phones during their pregnancy had substantially more problems than the average infant. They were found to be 25% more prone to emotional problems, 35% more to hyperactivity, 49% more to conduct problems, and 34% more to peer problems.

While refraining from using a cellular device as much as possible can have a positive impact on EMF safety and the chances of developing these conditions, the prevalence of cellphone towers has become an equally dangerous threat. The spread of cell towers throughout communities, ironically often placed on preschool, church day-care, and school campuses, means that younger children are experiencing up to 1,000 times more radio frequency exposure in their homes and school environments than ever existed 20 to 25 years ago.

If you find that a cell tower is clearly visible or unobstructed from your home within 328 yards (984 feet), experts advise that you explore EMF safety shielding to guard yourself and protect children from EMFs. Without it, your family may be at risk of being exposed to these fields 24 hours a day.

The prevalence of technology and electronic waves has never surrounded us more. Besides choosing to never leave your house, EMF safety shields and researching how to block EMFs are your best chance at remaining safe from long-term exposure.

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