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Hearing Loss Affects More Than Just Your Ears

Hearing loss is a common occurrence. In fact, one out of three people has some level of hearing loss by age 65, and 20% of all Americans experience hearing loss. But because hearing plays such a vital role in your daily life, untreated hearing loss can cause a number of problems. Without proper hearing evaluations and treatment, people with hearing loss can begin to see negative impacts on their lives.

Psychological impacts: One of the biggest impacts of hearing loss is stress. When someone is not able to hear properly, this may cause them to be stressed or frustrated with daily activities. This, in turn, may lead to trouble concentrating and worry. If someone is constantly concerned or frustrated with their hearing issues, this can begin to take a major toll on their overall mental health. Stress is not good for the body and this stress with hearing loss can lead to a lack of energy or feeling of hopelessness.

Physical impacts: Hearing is crucial in being aware of what’s happening in the surrounding environments. Without proper hearing, someone could be putting their safety at risk if they can’t hear warnings and alerts. Additionally, research has shown hearing loss can lead to a loss of cognitive abilities. Memory and brain function can be impacted by untreated hearing loss, leading to other problems in life.

Social impacts: When someone is experiencing hearing loss, they may find themselves withdrawing from social situations. They may find it embarrassing or frustrating to have to continuously ask people to repeat themselves. Additionally, people may simply reject those with hearing loss because they can’t follow the conversation. All of these situations can lead to isolation and loneliness.

So, what can be done about hearing loss? Fortunately, with the help of regular hearing evaluations and a good audiologist, those with hearing impairments can get back to their normal hearing levels. Hearing devices, like hearing aids, can help people increase their hearing levels and help improve their stress levels, ability to concentrate, and social relationships.

While hearing loss is common, it’s generally easily treatable. If you or someone you know is experiencing hearing loss, a hearing evaluation with an experienced audiologist can help lead you in the right direction to get your hearing back.

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