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Explore Denver During the ASHA Conference

On the shore of a lake, peeking through trees, a snow capped mountain in the distance.With over 48 million people affected by hearing loss in the United States alone, and a reported 7.5 million individuals having a difficulty speaking (unable to produce speech sounds correctly), now is a better time than ever for professionals and educators alike to come together and pool resources, information, and solutions to aid those with speech disorders in America.

The American Speech and Hearing Association (ASHA) is holding their annual ASHA convention in Denver, Colorado this year. The convention will be held at the Colorado Convention Center from November 12 through 14.

According to ASHA’s website, the convention will provides a “once-a-year opportunity to learn about the latest research, polish clinical skills, improve techniques and speech therapy ideas, and gain new tools and resources to advance professional development.”

This year’s convention theme is decidedly, “Changing Minds, Changing Lives. Leading the Way,” exploring the ways in which the communication sciences, speech therapy ideas, and disorders fields have evolved over time.

While language educators and convention attendees have plenty to look forward to at the convention itself, Denver also has a plethora of activities, entertainment, and sights to offer a visitor. The average stay in Denver is approximately three nights long, so during this convention, make sure to take the time to check out some of the following features Denver has to offer:
The Music and Entertainment
From art galleries to music venues, Denver boasts a plethora of ways to be entertained and cultured while in town. In fact, Thrillist voted the Red Rocks Park and Amphitheater as one of the most beautiful outdoor theaters in the world.

The Grub
If you’re peckish after a long and riveting day at the convention, Denver boasts a plethora of bars, restaurants, and brunch spots to satisfy even the strongest of appetites. Be sure to check out quintessentially Denver spots such as AikoPops and Seafood Landing!

The Wildlife
With Rocky Mountain Arsenal National Wildlife Refuge right in Denver’s backyard, there are many ways to enjoy the beauty that hosts more than 330 species in various lakes, wetlands, prairies, grasslands and woodlands.

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