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Don’t Let Menopause Control Your Sex Drive

Menopause can be absolutely devastating to a woman’s sexual drive; when your body only produces about one-third of the estrogen it used to, the lack of hormones takes a hard toll on your body. From agonizing hot flashes to intense mood swings, the most frustrating side effect is usually a complete change in your sex drive — you may notice a significant loss of desire and sexual motivation, and a general absence of satisfaction. However, hormone therapy for women — from estrogen supplements to natural estrogen replacement — can get you back to your old self in a remarkably quick time; with sex offering such a wealth of benefits, you’d be hurting your body by not seeking menopause treatment. Here are three wonderful advantages of the physical act:

  • It lowers stress. Logically, the release of endorphins can greatly decrease stress levels and reduce feelings of depression. Pleasure is one thing, but this release also has the borderline miracle ability to improve your body’s internal systems. From lowering blood pressure and reducing the risk of developing heart disease to reinforcing your immune system, you owe it to your body to seek out hormone therapy for women and keep your sex life going!
  • It’s intimate. The act of intimacy is another one of those mental/physical combinations that does profound things for the individual, not to mention the benefits it has on a relationship. Sex offers an opportunity to be close to someone you care about, and someone who cares about you — as an act of intimacy, sex creates a bond between two people that is as emotional as it is physical, and can keep you emotionally balanced.
  • It counts as exercise. Sexual intercourse, on average, lasts for about 25 minutes and serves as a workout for both partners (men typically burn around 100 calories and women around 70). The older you get, the more important staying active is — sex is a fun way to stay in shape and guarantee mobility as you age.

These are just three of benefits of sex — there are countless more out there, and you’ll be missing out on all of them if you let menopause dictate your life. Discover hormone therapy for women to get your body back on board, and back in bed.

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