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Best and Worst Foods for IBS Treatment

IBS is a bowel dysfunction that causes stomach pain and changes in bowel habits. A change in the diet can exacerbate IBS symptoms. The video expounds on the best and worst foods for those suffering from IBS. Diarrhea, pain in the stomach while defecating, a change in the stool consistency, and a high frequency of passing stools are all symptoms of IBS. IBS treatment is typically done with prescribed medication, but changing your diet can help.

What you eat determines whether or not you can heal your IBS.

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High-fiber foods are the best food to eat if you have IBS. They eliminate constipation which allows you to have regular bowel movements. High-fiber foods include beans, lentils, almonds, broccoli, and a range of fruits. The more high-fiber foods you eat, the better your stomach will feel, and the faster you can treat your IBS symptoms.

Similar to foods that reduce IBS symptoms, some foods enhance the symptoms and pain. Avoid these foods to treat IBS symptoms fast. Eliminate milk and dairy products from your diet. A gluten-free diet also helps to eliminate symptoms and to promote treatment. Another type of food you need to avoid is anything with caffeine. Besides enhancing IBS symptoms, it may be the sole cause of your diarrhea, and your symptoms will likely improve if you stop ingesting it. A good diet leads to improved gut health.

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