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Assisted Living Offers Perfect Care Solutions

Do you have questions about the availability of assisted living facilities in the area that could be a viable option for your loved one? If so, the best place to start looking is in local business directories or online where you can find a list of nursing homes that are in the local area. You can get contact information and general data about each place and create a shortlist of facilities to call to get additional information from.

Choosing to send aging loved ones to a nursing home or an alternative living facility is a difficult one, but it is also usually a necessary one. Many families are ill-equipped to take care of elderly family members safely and effectively. Looking for an assisted living program and local care facility can help ensure your loved one stays safe and well cared for while relieving some of the stress and pressure off of you and your family.

Check local availability and make a few in-person visits before making your decision. That way you can be sure you are choosing a facility that has the best assisted living amenities and care available!

Assistance living

If you have a loved one who is in failing health, it is time for you look into an assistance living facility. Whether you choose assisted living, a nursing home or skilled nursing facility, your loved one can get the care they need. Check out your assistance living options and help you loved one regain their dignity.

According to the CDC, there are approximately 16,100 nursing homes in the United States. A nursing home provides a type of residential care. Nursing homes are required to provide enough staff to adequately care for residents. In the United States a facility must have at least one registered nurse available for eight straight hours a day throughout the week and at least one licensed practical nurse on duty 24 hours per day. The direct care staff have daily, direct contact with the patients. Once a patient has moved into a long term care facility the family will have direct contact with the administration.

Nursing homes are not only for the elderly, but anyone that requires 24 hour care. The average resident in a nursing home has been admitted for approximately 835 days. Residents include the elderly and younger adults with physical or mental disabilities. Services a nursing home can offer vary from facility to facility but they can include room and board, monitoring of medication and 24-hour emergency care. Some nursing care homes offer occupational and physical therapy services.

Women are three times as likely to reside in a nursing home as men during some point of their lives. Approximately 26% of nursing home facilities consider themselves non-profit organizations. There are three main types of nursing facilities in the United States; assisted living facilities, skilled nursing facility and intermediate care facility. Assisted living care offers housing for people living with disabilities. Skilled nursing facilities a nursing home certified to participate in and be reimbursed by medicare. An intermediate care facility is a health care facility for individuals who are disabled, elderly, or non-acutely ill.

It is never easy to watch a family member suffer with an illness. There are plenty of facilities that can treat a wide range of illnesses. Check out your assistance living options and get your loved one the help they need. More like this blog.

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