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Breast Basics What’s the Difference Between Augmentation and Lift Surgery?

Breast augmentation doctors

According to recent surveys, women who elect to increase their chest size via breast augmentation surgery or reshape their breasts through breast lift surgery tend to sleep better at night — in a manner of speaking. These women studied reported a 34% increase in their overall sexual satisfaction. Is it any wonder that breast augmentation surgery is the most common elective surgery in the U.S.? And with recent innovations in implant technology — most notably, the “Gummy Bear” implant, a revolutionary new, firm shape — the benefits of breast augmentation are well known across the country.

Americans spent over $10 billion on cosmetic surgery in 2011 alone, and that’s more than the gross domestic product of nations like Chad, Liechtenstein and Suriname. Because breast work is the leader in that field, you can do the math to find out how much Americans spend on firming up their bosoms. But not all breast surgeries are created equal.

The basics of having breast implants.

Today’s implants are made of either silicone or saline (and occasionally, the even-more shapely form stable types, also known as the “Gummy Bear” implants). Surgeons will place the implants either above or below your pectoral muscle depending on your wishes and what the doctors believe is best based on your body type. Getting breast augmentation surgery tends to cost around $6,000, but it’s all quite dependent on the type of procedure. Breast augmentation focuses on re-sizing the breasts, unlike breast lift surgery, which focuses more on shape.

What is a breast lift procedure?

When you elect to undergo a breast lift, you’re allowing the surgeon to reshape your breast and nipple areas in order to achieve a more youthful appearance. That’s why it’s most often chosen by older women or women who’ve just become mothers. The “lift” portion comes as a result of pulling the skin back and tightening up the area, in effect eliminating age-related sagging and other concerns. Because of how they complement each other, breast lifts and augmentation surgeries are often paired into one larger procedure.

Combining a breast lift with augmentation surgery.

Want larger breasts and a younger-looking bosom? That’s what certain women are looking for when they combine the breast lift with augmentation, coupling one procedure (a re-sizing) with another (a reshaping). This is especially popular in the context of what’s been called the “Mommy Makeover,” a two-in-one procedure that also includes a tummy tuck to help new mothers rid the extra fat they may have gained in order to support their babies inside the womb. As studies are showing, this coupling is becoming increasingly more common as surgical technologies continue to improve.

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