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Are You Hurt? Check out Urgent Care Before You Hit the ER

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Back pain is malady of the masses, affecting swaths of people from all walks of life. You don’t have to be a construction worker, or seated office worker to experience back pain. It can happen to almost anyone, and in many cases does happened at the least opportune time, and ends up causing a person to need medical attention.

Among Americans, 69% report that they experience some kind of lower back pain that affects their day-to-day lives. To try to avoid a trip to a doctor, and mitigate back pain, four in ten people say that they will exercise. But when exercise and other home-remedies don’t do the trick, sometimes a trip to an urgent care clinic is in order.

Urgent care facilities are a great resource because the costs are typically lower than going to the Emergency Room. An urgent care walk in clinic will also provide the same level of quality care that an ER would provide for many medical services. For instance, four out five urgent care clinics provide care for fractures.

While not all centers are 24 hour operations, as many Emergency rooms are, many do keep hours that are convenient for most people’s schedules. Over two thirds of urgent care facilities will open before 9 in the morning, so that patients needing care can make it in before work if they have a job that they can’t afford to miss time on. More than 80% of urgent care centers are also open seven days a week, so patients can get in on the weekend if needed as well.

Also, there are plenty of medical professionals ably staffing the many urgent care centers across the country. Currently, some 20,000 physicians work in urgent care settings. That many doctors means that some 3 million patients access urgent care on average every week, according to the Urgent Care Association of America.

Back pain is one medical problem affecting lots of people, who could benefit from treatment at urgent care centers. There are many other medical problems, injuries and minor health issues that urgent care clinics can ably treat.

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