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Three Benefits of Going to an Urgent Care Facility Instead of Waiting for an Appointment with the Doctor

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Many individuals are not aware that going to an urgent care facility is more beneficial than waiting for an appointment with their regular doctor. This is because with an emergency walk in clinic, there is no waiting for an appointment. It?s as simple as going in and letting the receptionist know what the problem is, filling out paperwork, and then wait to be seen. Doctor?s offices are no always open late at night or on the weekends, and this can affect how quickly a person is seen. Compare that with the fact that most (over 80%) urgent care facilities are open seven days a week, and it makes taking care of a sprained ankle or combatting back pain a lot easier. Here are three benefits of going to an urgenct care facility over spending time in a traditional doctor?s office.

Urgent Care Can Handle Many Issues That Would be Treated in the Emergency Room Without the Wait

Rather than trying to go to an emergency room, emergency care can be provided at a walk in clinic. More doctors are becoming well-versed in providing for their patients. In fact, at least 20,000 doctors practice urgent medicine, ensuring that there are plenty to take care of individuals on a daily basis, and at different times throughout the day. Over 2.5 million patients take advantage of urgent care facilities rather than the emergency room, showing that this is a helpful feature and many people do not wish to wait for a long time. Emergency rooms are known for long waits. By going to an urgent care facility for simpler procedures, individuals can ensure they spend less time waiting and get seen by a local doctor as quickly as possible.

Urgent Care Centers Can Treat Fractures as an Alternative to the Emergency Room

Fractures are rather common. Thankfully, they can be taken care of at an urgent care facility rather than dealing with the emergency room. At least four out of five clinics offer fracture care to the patients they treat, making it easier to handle problems, treat the fracture in a quick and efficient manner, and getting patients home quickly to recover. This is beneficial in several ways. It prevents patients from having to find their doctor and seek treatment when the doctor is ready. It also saves them from the long wait that many emergency rooms are known for. Fractures can be very painful, and the pain is usually managed with medication, until it is set and starts to heal. Since the patient can be seen quickly at an urgent care clinic, they are not waiting around for a doctor to treat them. It used to be that fractures were too much for these facilities, and they were unable to serve patients and had to refer them elsewhere.

Urgent Care Centers Can Offer Assistance for Patients Suffering from Back Pain

Back pain is very common, with over 60% of individuals saying it affects their daily lives. This can be made worse when an accident occurs, or when an individual experiences new or more intense back pain that requires the assistance of a doctor. Rather than wait for their regular doctor to see them, individuals can go to their local urgent care clinic to find relief. There, doctors can prescribe new medications that may help them in managing the pain, or even offer other suggestions, such as physical therapy. Patients will be able to find relief and live in comfort rather than struggling with the daily issue of back pain.

An urgent care facility provides a multitude of benefits instead of waiting for an appointment with the doctor one regularly sees. By going to urgent care, individuals can find relief for their problems without the same intense wait they would face in the emergency room. They can also be seen that same day, since most doctors require an appointment, and may not have anything open the day the patient calls. From treating fractures and back pain to even simpler problems as the flu or a cold, there are many emergency care options available in today?s heath care settings.

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