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A Look at Some Range of Motion Testing Solutions

One of the most important aspects of maintaining good health is making sure that an individual has good flexibility. This is also known as range of motion. Being flexible and having a good range of motion affects ones ability to participate in sports, for example. It also is a key to preventing injuries and remaining maintaining good health in general. But what can cause a decrease in range of motion? And how is that assessed? Here’s a look at some reasons why people lose their flexibility and a look at some range of motion testing solutions.

  1. Age: It is a fact of life. As the years go by, there’s more wear and tear on the joints. And the older we get, the more prone we are to various forms of arthritis, such as osteoarthritis in particular. This is the most common age-related arthritis.
  2. Injury: Conditions such as an elbow fractures, or a joint dislocation, or even fractures in other areas of your body can severely restrict your range of motion. Rehab tools and systems are particularly effective in figuring out range of motion testing solutions or individuals with injuries.
  3. Fitness Level: Maintaining your flexibility and keeping your fitness level up will definitely have an impact on your range of motion. Even using muscle strength testing equipment will assist in helping your overall fitness level.
  4. Arthritis: Joint problems are a major cause of a decreased range of motion in an individual. Conditions such as swelling or even rheumatoid arthritis (RA) can cause problems with your joints that affect your range of motion.
  5. Genetics: It may be that you were born with really strong muscles and really thick, strong bones. It may be that you have great resistance to disease. It may be that you have great blood flow to your joints. If so, thank your relatives. Genetics play a huge role in range of motion issues and overall fitness, and genetics are not really anything that you can control. However, you can take steps during your life to maintain your health and do the best you can to prevent problems.

Your range of motion can be assessed by a physical therapist. Two key pieces of functional assessment tools in range of motion testing are a goniometer and an inclinometer. Together, they test the angle of your range of motion and your stability in different areas as you move around.

In the United States, it’s estimated that 60,000 new physical therapists will start their careers in the upcoming years. And right now there are about 200,000 working in the United States. So if you are wondering about your range of motion and in need of some range of motion testing solutions, you will not have any problem finding a physical therapist to help you out. For the most effective treatment, it is important to receive the proper diagnosis combined with using tools such as a stairclimber to exercise the weakened muscles.

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