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8 Professional Cleaning Jobs That Give You a Workout

When it comes to how to workout while cleaning, you have a lot of career choices to consider. While there are plenty of labor jobs that involve moving, there is an equal number of those for people who want to put their cleaning skills to good use.

If you want to learn how to workout while cleaning as a profession, here are eight jobs that you should consider.

1. Cleaning in Medicine

Medical cleaning is something that can take many forms, and it provides a lot of different places where you can work. It is also guaranteed to keep you on your feet throughout your entire shift.

One place that you could work as a professional medical cleaner includes a physician owned PCR lab, where you will be tasked with keeping the labs as clean and sanitized as possible so that those with lab tech jobs can complete their tasks effectively and safely. This can be a hard job, and there is a lot of responsibility that comes with it. However, if you enjoy being on your feet and want a job that can challenge you, this is something to seek out.

Another medical job to keep in mind when thinking about how to workout while cleaning involves hospital equipment. As a medical equipment cleaner in a hospital, you will be responsible for thoroughly sanitizing devices such as IV pumps. You will also spend a lot of time walking around the hospital gathering the used equipment to bring it back to the main sanitation room. In some positions, this cleaning job may also be coupled with patient transport, meaning that you would be tasked with moving patients throughout the hospital when cleaning is finished.

Additionally, hospital janitorial services will involve frequent movement as you clean soiled rooms after patients, as well as any messes that occur in the hallways and elevators. This isn’t a job for someone that wants a lot of downtime, and in many cases, the only breaks you will get are those that are assigned to you. Aside from that, you’ll be in for quite the workout.

Medical cleaning services may also extend to nursing homes, where you will be tasked with cleaning patients’ rooms and keeping the halls and public-use bathrooms clean. In large nursing homes, this can be a huge task, especially if there are a large number of rooms to clean every day, not to mention the random messes that can occur as well. Although maybe not as busy as a hospital, cleaning in a nursing home can also give you a workout during every shift.

So, whether you choose to work for a group health provider or a privately owned nursing center, any medical cleaning position is guaranteed to give you a workout every time you head into work.

2. Greenskeeper

Golf courses offer another great cleaning opportunity that can give you quite the workout, and if you want to learn how to workout while cleaning, becoming a greenskeeper is something to consider. As a greenskeeper, you will be tasked with helping maintain the entire golf course, which can be a tall order, and it will ensure that you never have a dull day.

This job could be perfect if you live in an area that is warm all year round. However, in other areas, it can be a good summer job if you’re looking to get a workout. To give you a better idea of what greenkeeping entails, some of the main responsibilities include, mowing the grass, raking the sand traps, trimming weeds, picking up trash, emptying trash bins, trimming bushes, and planting flowers, hedges, and shrubs. Essentially, as a greenskeeper, you will be responsible for keeping the course clean and clear of debris and overgrowth so that golfers can play without hindrance. This job varies from most other cleaning positions, as it takes place mainly outside, and for those looking to combine cleaning skills with a love of the outdoors, this can be a perfect position to consider.

3. Window Cleaning

Window cleaning is another cleaning job that is worth keeping in mind if you’re thinking about how to get a workout while cleaning. Commercial glass cleaning can take a lot of forms and you could be cleaning windows in small office buildings or towering skyscrapers. This job requires a lot of upper body strength and, if you’re dealing with tall buildings, a lack of fear of heights.

Some commercial window cleaning companies may also have a wide variety of clients, meaning you could be cleaning the windows of commercial steel buildings one day and skyscrapers the next. This can provide a lot of variety that some people enjoy.

As a window cleaner, you will use soap equipment and a squeegee to thoroughly clean the windows of whatever building you are assigned to. This means you will be using your arms a lot, even if you don’t necessarily walk around.

If you want a job that can provide a great upper body workout, window cleaning may be something to consider. Although if you’re afraid of heights, you may want to ensure that you only get assigned to smaller buildings, as opposed to 100-story skyscrapers.

4. Home Cleaning

Home cleaning is one of the most popular cleaning services and it provides a lot of opportunities if you are someone who likes to be on the move. Many families hire home cleaners to either clean their homes monthly or perform annual deep cleans when they don’t have time. This means that you can expect to work in many different environments and work on many different kinds of tasks depending on what the homeowners need and want. It can also give you the opportunity to build great relationships with your clients that can be difficult to do in any of these other positions. Because you’ll be working in people’s homes, you’ll get to see a more intimate side of your clients, which can help build lasting bonds.

Additionally, there are several employment services that can help link you up with the various professional cleaning services in your area. This can ensure that you’re able to find a stable position quickly and get to work faster than in some other jobs.

When it comes to thinking about how to work out while cleaning, working as a professional home cleaner is definitely something to consider, and it will certainly keep you on your feet.

5. Carpet Cleaning

Similar in a way to home cleaning, professional carpet cleaners often work for homeowners who call them in to clean their carpets. This position can be in high demand, as many people want professional results that home carpet cleaning can’t provide. When considering how to workout while cleaning, this position can help workout both your legs and your arms, as you’ll be tasked with using a large carpet cleaning machine daily.

Sometimes, commercial locations may also call in outside carpet cleaning services if their maintenance team doesn’t have the equipment to clean the carpets themselves. This can be a welcome break from residential work, and it can give you a larger area to work in, meaning a greater workout for you overall.

6. Hotel Housekeeping

Hotel housekeeping is another cleaning job to keep in mind if you want to learn how to workout while cleaning. Large hotels, in particular, can be great for keeping you on your feet all day long. In this position, you will basically be cleaning assigned hotel rooms thoroughly, meaning scrubbing the bathrooms, changing the sheets, making the beds, vacuuming, and cleaning anything else that is dirty or out of place. Think of it like home cleaning mentioned above, but with numerous small homes all needing to be cleaned every day. This ensures that you will never run out of work to do.

Additionally, some hotel housekeepers are also responsible for handling the laundry in the facility as well, meaning that even if you finish cleaning all of the rooms that you have been assigned, you will still have more tasks to do. In addition to helping to keep the lobbies and other shared spaces clean and neat as well.

When it comes to learning how to workout while cleaning, working as a hotel housekeeper can certainly be one of the best ways to stay active and get into your daily workout.

7. Commercial Cleaning

A commercial cleaner is someone who specializes in cleaning spaces like office buildings or retail locations. This means that in this position you will be required to sweep, mop, vacuum, empty trash bins, and sanitize all public spaces. Sometimes you may also have to clean the windows if the location doesn’t hire an outside window cleaning service, and some locations may have you restock cleaning supplies as needed.

This is a lot of responsibility and it can be quite hectic if you’re not prepared for it. However, if getting a workout is your goal, this is one surefire career path that can provide it. Additionally, because many retail and office locations can be quite large, you won’t have to worry about having a slow day, as there will always be cleaning that needs to be done.

If you’re looking for a job that can give you plenty of work and a good workout, becoming a commercial cleaner can be something worth considering. However, keep in mind that this field can be competitive, and it won’t be guaranteed that you’ll be able to get into the first couple of jobs that you apply for. That said, this can be a rewarding career to get into and it isn’t something that you should overlook if cleaning is something you want to do.

8. Waste Collector

Lastly, while this job doesn’t exactly involve direct cleaning as many would describe it, it is necessary for cleaning up homes and neighborhoods. Waste collectors are often overlooked and taken for granted, despite being responsible for removing clutter and trash from all of our communities. Without this dirty job, it’s hard to imagine the trash that could accumulate. While it can be a thankless job, if you want a workout, it can definitely provide one.

As a waste collector, you will be responsible for riding around in a large truck and picking up trash bins from people’s homes and from businesses. While some garbage trucks use sideload mechanical arms to pick up bins, others still require waste collectors to manually pick up bins and empty them into the back of the truck where it is compressed. This requires a lot of strength and it can give your arms a daily workout that is probably the most intense of any on this list. Some pickups may also involve heavy furniture that you and your partner will need to lift into the truck, further increasing the quality of your upper body workout.

Getting the Best Workouts While At Work

If you want to know how to workout while cleaning, these eight jobs are some of the best that you can pursue in order to get the best workouts while at work. Although not all of these jobs will be for everyone, for example, window cleaning may not be for those who are afraid of heights, there is certain to be a little something for everyone.

From medical cleaning and home cleaning to window washing and greenskeeping, there are numerous employment opportunities that enable you to use your love of cleaning in a way that gives you a daily workout that you can benefit from. If you want to learn more about these professions, consider looking them up on a job listing site, or contact an employment service to see if they have any jobs like these open. By doing this, you can help find a job that you will enjoy and get a workout from.

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