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How Similar Is Mario Golf to Real Golf?

While there are plenty of golf games out there, one in particular has captivated audiences recently. Mario Golf: Super Rush was released on June 25, 2021 and has received some mixed reviews from gamers across the board. While some praise the addition of new modes, others are less than impressed by the scant number of courses available to play. But we’re here to address how similar the gameplay is to real golf.

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For the most part, a video game is nothing like a real golf match. That said, Mario Golf does nail a few key elements. For one, the weather conditions in the game affect how your shot moves through the air. In addition, the terrain (rough, fairway, green) will impact how your golf ball moves across the ground after it lands. In the adventure mode, several quests are dedicated to learning how to use different types of golf clubs, as well.

It may be a fun video game, but Mario Golf nails the intricacies of the physics and techniques that real golfers use to play. If you’re a fan of golf on the weekends, this might be an excellent opportunity to get your kids involved in the sport.


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